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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A terrible reading month! And a pleasant surprise!

I can't believe what a terrible month June was for my reading pile! Realistically, I only read 2 books the entire month (Jim Butcher's Storm Front and Mr. Wooster Traveling on a Whim, which isn't even from my own library - I read it in B&N one evening). I finished Stewart O'Nan's Songs for the Missing on June 1, so I don't really count that, and I read the first Asterix the Gaul graphic novel, and that was so short I don't feel right counting that either!

I've been reading both Fablehaven and The Awakening for the better part of the month, and haven't been able to finish either of them. The Awakening was my 1001 Book Challenge book for June, and I did finish it this morning (via audio book), so I'm still counting it for June.

I'm hoping that July will go a little better.

Now, for the pleasant surprise. I just wanted to pass along the website for the Gutenberg Project. The Gutenberg Project has just about any classic book that is in the public domain on their website in ebook form, but today I discovered that they also have audio files for some of the books online as well. I was able to finish "reading" The Awakening today while at work by listening to it on my computer. And it is completely free. I'm enjoying listening to Howards End right now, one of my favorite books.

I just thought I'd pass it along in case some other people could take advantage of it as well.


Irish said...

if you like project gutenberg then you'll probably also like daily lit ( its an email based ebook site. you choose a book and then send you a 5 min snipet to read via email every day based on the schedule that you chose. Some of the newer books cost money but the classics are all free. =)

Anonymous said...

June seems to have been a terrible month for a lot of us. Here's hoping for a better July all round.