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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hello new books!

I had quite the treat last night when I got home from work; 2 packages sitting on the counter, both full of books!

The first package was my LibraryThing SantaThing book! It was Castle Waiting by Linda Medley and came from member rgherndon. It is a graphic novel set in a magical world, and from what all the book blurbs say on the back, it looks to by quite funny. I'm looking forward to starting that this weekend!

The other package was a complete surprise. Apparently, I had requested a book from Running Press via Shelf Awareness at some point (I have no idea which book it was!), so they sent me a sampling of their Spring 2009 YA titles. In that package, there was Cathy's Ring by Sean Stewart & Jordan Weisman (this is the third in a trilogy, so I hope I'm not too lost!), The Plague by Joanne Dahme, and Rainy Day Rescue and The Quarter Horse Foal, both by Inda Schaenen and the start of the Saddle Wise series. These last 2 I think I'll forward on to a friend after I've read them, as I think these books would be perfect for her.

It was quite a surprise to come home to such an abundance of free books last night! It's almost as if it's Christmas...


Alea said...

I got the same Running Press package. I think it was the book Creepers from Shelf Awareness, I don't remember getting any other titles from them before besides that one! I'm really excited about Cathy's Ring and thankfully I happened across the first book in the series about 2 weeks ago. I think it's a sort of interactive mystery!

tapestry100 said...

Fellow book blogger Irisheyz got the same package as well, and she also thinks it's because of Creepers. I may have requested that, but I never received a copy of it. Either way, it was still a nice surprise to come home to even more free books!

Alea said...

That's great that even though Creepers never came that this did! It's definitely a great surprise! Enjoy!