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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

1001 Books Updated?


I just discovered that the 1001 Book list has been updated to include more recent books. Which means that some of the books on the list have been removed. Which means that the number of books that I have read from the list has dropped from 30 to 26.

**le sigh**

While I was embarrassed to have read so few books from this list, it's even more discouraging to watch my numbers go down!!

Also, 2 of the books that I had in my 1001 category for my 9-9-9 Challenge have been removed, so I need to go find 2 more now to take their place.

Mr. Boxall needs to learn to leave his list alone!!


Irish said...

That is discouraging. Always gives little credence to the importance of the books on the list if they can come and go at random. Adding is fine...just increase the number...don't remove books.

tapestry100 said...

I agree - or just make an addendum to the list. Just because new books have been written doesn't take away from the books that have come before.


Irish said...

agreed. and like you some of the books for my 999 came from the original list. I already own them and it goes with my new new books challenge.

So you know what. I am still gonna count them as 1001. I'll just try to remember to add a note saying that its from the 2006 list. That book is still out there. So they are still valid. Yuppers. That is what I am gonna do.