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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Salon 22 III 2009

Good morning, fellow Salon Members! Another woefully lacking reading week for me! After being struck down with the worst cold in years, I was so busy trying to get caught up at work that the last thing on my mind when I got home this week was more reading. I was able to read one book, however, James Thurber's The 13 Clocks. It was an enjoyable little story, I'm just not sure it entirely deserves the amount of praise that it receives.

This week I would like to finish reading Agatha Christie's The Body in the Library, just so that I can say I read one more book for my Miss Marple March. I may rethink that; instead of trying to get all the books read in March, which obviously won't happen now, I'll look at it as thought I'm marching through them! Beyond that, I'm not quite sure what I've got planned to read. I have several books arriving in the mail this week (two from and two from Amazon) so I may try reading one of those when they arrive. I have been on a Charles Vess spree lately, and I discovered a book illustrated by him called Ballads, so I ordered that from It is a collection of British, Scottish and Irish folk songs that have been written into sequential art form. Vess provides the illustrations and a variety of authors, including Neil Gaiman, provide the stories. I also ordered another copy of Peter Pan, with accompanying illustrations by Vess. I ordered Neil Gaiman's Blueberry Girl, also illustrated by Vess (see a theme here?), and James Dashner's The 13th Reality, Book 2 from Amazon.

That's all for today. I'm getting ready to run some errands and grab some lunch with my mom, so hopefully there'll be some reading later on today. Happy reading, everyone!


Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

I read Thurber for the first time a few weeks back...also 13 Clocks. I found it fascinating and very fun.

I've been surprised to find almost ever classic and near-classic I've read deserves the labels.

Literary Feline said...

I am glad you are feeling better at least. :-)

I'm not familiar with James Thurber or The 13 Clocks. It is sometimes interesting to see which books earn high praise, especially when I might wonder why.

Enjoy your week! I hope you are feeling more up to reading this week.