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Monday, March 30, 2009

Sunday Salon 29 III 2009 - Monday Evening Edition

Good evening, fellow Salon Members! I apologize for the lateness of this posting, but I had a rather full day yesterday. I had brunch with some friends and family and then spent the early afternoon at an antiquarian book show that is help locally twice a year. Usually, I walk away empty handed, but not this year! I found a lovely little edition of Charles Dickens' Old Curiosity Shop (for $5!) and several 70s edition Agatha Christie paperbacks (each only $1!). I decided instead of going real crazy and buying up everything she had in the Christie paperbacks, I'd limit my shopping to finish off the Miss Marple books that I was missing, and have almost the entire lot now, with the exception of 3 books. Overall, a really good time.

I have been reading Cormac McCarthy's The Road and hope to finish that either tonight or tomorrow evening. What a powerful book! I was immediately drawn into the story, and the sense of hopelessness and despair is practically tangible, so much so that when the father and child do have those shining moments of hope, I feel genuine relief for them. Amazing.

Not much else to report, really. March has proven to be my worst reading month in ages. Hopefully I'll be able to get myself back on track in April. Since my last Salon posting, I've read half of The Road, still have not finished The Body in the Library and read Neil Gaiman's Blueberry Girl (all 32 pages of it). It's rather embarrassing to even have to admit to so little reading.

Happy reading, everyone!


Meghan said...

Sounds like a lovely day! I have The Road waiting for me. I'm glad to hear it's so powerful. I might read it soon, I've been looking for something deeper than what I've been reading lately.

Cara said...

hello David, i'm postcrossing webside user, I lost your address, could you give it to me? I don't know how to reach your adress from the website, or could u send it to me to my mail address?

from Taiwan, Cara^^

tapestry100 said...

Meghan- I'll hopefully be finishing The Road tonight, and it hasn't disappointed yet. If you are looking for something deep, this could be the book for you.

Cara - If you can send me a message through postcrossing, I'll be happy to send you my address through there. Thanks!