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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Giving myself a reset

I am giving myself a reset. I am stepping back from every challenge that I had set up for myself at the beginning of the year. I was falling behind with every challenge, and instead of being enjoyable challenges, they were becoming a frustration for me. And reading is not supposed to be a frustration, right? It's supposed to be an enjoyment, an escape, a way to relax. I was beginning to feel that I had let down the publishers and authors who have sent me books; that I let down the readers of my blog for not being more focused; that I had let down myself for letting something that I normally enjoy become something that I was beginning to dislike and when I stopped finding enjoyment in it and felt that it was becoming a chore as opposed to a form of relaxation, I decided that something needed to change.

I am quitting the 9-9-9 Challenge, my 1001 Books Challenge, even my Agatha Christie Challenge. Every challenge that I am part of that I don't even remember that I am a part of. I will more than likely pick up the Christie and 1001 Challenge again next year, but for now, I don't want to challenge myself with anything more than deciding what book to enjoy next.

I have picked up some excellent books over the last couple of months and have received some fantastic books for review, and I want to be able to move from one to the next without feeling that I have to. While I understand that I owe it to the publishers and authors who sent me the books for review, and while I have kept up (for the most part) on my ARC reviews better this year than I have in years past, I still want to be able to enjoy them, and trying to find Challenge books to add into my monthly allotment is just becoming too frustrating.

So, I'm setting aside every book that I am in the middle of. I am reorganzing my ever-growing TBR pile. There are some very good books that I have picked up that I want to read first, and then I want to start with my most recent purchases and work my way backward. I would like to think that I could stop purchasing books for awhile to help myself get caught back up, but I know me and I know that isn't going to happen.

So there it is. My reset. I want to get back into enjoying this hobby, back to enjoying the community of fellow book readers and bloggers that are out there. I want to reconnect with them all and with my library. If I have books that been sent to me for review, I have a new system in place for keeping track of them and when they need to reviewed by, and if the release date has passed on a book, for that I am truly sorry. I am working hard at getting myself back on track, and will still get you the review, be it a little late. Hopefully giving myself this new beginning in the middle of the year will help me accomplish all of this.

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