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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Today in books, or a surprise envelope from Random House!

I got home today to find that I received another envelope of goodies in the mail, this time from Random House. I received a copy of Cherie Priest's new book, Bloodshot, and an ARC of the first book in a new fantasy series that I have never heard of before, The Iron Druid Chronicles. The series is by Kevin Hearne and the first book is titled Hounded. The description on the back of the book makes it sound like something I'm really going to enjoy! Hounded will be available May 3, 2011 from Del Rey Books and Bloodshot is available in bookstores now.

I'm thrilled to have received both of these books and am wondering if I can find some more hours to add to my day so that I can find time to read all these great books!

Happy reading, everybody!

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