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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A necessary break

Dear Faithful Readers,

I'd like to take this opportunity first and foremost to thank you for being Faithful Readers, especially during these last couple of months when I've read, what, a total of one book per month? Granted, they were both very good books, but I still feel like I've let down both my readers and the authors that I've been neglecting here on From My Bookshelf. The truth is, I've had quite a bit on my mind lately. My darling sister is having some medical problems at the moment, and my focus must be on her. I'll be going out to stay with her for a couple of weeks while she recovers from surgery. I may take that time to write the several reviews that I am behind, but please understand that right now, my family must come first.

In a couple of months or so, I'd like to come back, full force. I love my blog. I love my readers. I love my books. I love the authors that I've gotten to know through From My Bookshelf. But right now, I can hardly get through a single book, let alone be able to put my thoughts down on paper (or online, as the case is). Please, be patient. I'll be back, but for right now, my sister is my priority.

Thank you for understanding!


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Unknown said...

Family is your first priority so dont sweat it. We will be here waiting patiently when you return. I still feel bad I dont blog anywhere near as regularly as I used too. But I just have to let it go, my life has changed and at least for the time being the blog has to come around 4th on my priority list.

Hope you sister makes a full recovery from her surgery and I wish you, your sister and your family the best of luck during this time.