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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Original Sin by Jason Aaron, illustrated by Mike Deodato

 photo 078519069401_SX175_SY250_SCLZZZZZZZ__zps98954785.jpgOriginal Sin
by Jason Aaron, illustrated by Mike Deodato
Published by Marvel Comics on November 18, 2014
392 Pages • ISBN 978-0785190691 • Hardcover

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Product description:

Who shot the Watcher?

Uatu, the mysterious space-god who's been watching mankind from the moon for as long as we can remember... is dead. Thus begins the greatest murder mystery in Marvel history! As Nick Fury leads the heroes of the Marvel Universe in an investigation, other forces are marshaling and other questions are arising. Why is Black Panther gathering a secret team of his own, including Emma Frost, the Punisher and Dr. Strange? Who is the Unseen? What was stolen from the Watcher's lair? Fury's cosmic manhunt leads to the far corners of the universe and beyond, but just when the Avengers think they've cornered their murderer... everything explodes, unleashing the Marvel Universe's greatest secrets and rocking the heroes to their core! What did the Watcher see? What was the Original Sin?

COLLECTING: Point One 1 (Watcher story), Original Sin 0-8, Original Sins 1-5, Original Sin Annual 1, Original Sin: Secret Avengers Infinite Comic 1-2

After so, so many time travel stories raging throughout the Marvel Universe right now (seriously, check out just about any current Avengers or X-Men title and chances are you'll find yourself in the middle of a time travel story of some sort or another), Original Sin is practically a breath of fresh air. This is just a good, old-fashioned murder mystery (or at least, the Marvel version of one). Uatu the Watcher, he who lives on the Moon and must not interfere with the events going on with the planet Earth yet seems compelled to at every turn, is murdered. What follows is a cosmos-spanning investigation searching for who would be able to commit such a crime. Involving several heroes from across the Marvel Universe, the search is on for Uatu's murderer. However, long forgotten (and unknown) secrets from across the Marvel Universe are revealed and not everyone is happy about the results.

As is often the case with the Marvel events these days, the main story is fairly strong, but the additional material added into the volume I find severely lacking (such as the Original Sins series). If it were up to me, I'd do away with these stories, as they really do nothing to move the main story forward and are nothing more than money makers for Marvel because the completists out there need to buy all the titles! So, for those that don't need to read the other stories and can wait for it, pick up the paperback release of this title which may only include the main series.

Aaron's writing is fairly solid throughout. The way some events are retconned in Original Sin bugs me a little, reminding me a little too much of the Illuminati series where events that have never been revealed before are brought to light just to move future stories along. For some reason, this plot device (that Marvel seems to use way too much sometimes), just rubs me the wrong way. Overall, this plot device is handled fairly well here when all is said and done. Deodato's art is quite good in this series. I haven't been a huge fan of his art in the past, but his style fit this story perfectly and his art seems to be quite a bit stronger than I remember it being.

I'll be curious to see how the events from Original Sin play out in current and upcoming events in the Marvel Universe, particularly Secret Wars. Personally, I haven't been this excited to be a Marvel fan in a long time. I wish that the stories weren't so Avengers-centric, but given the current state of affairs with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I don't think that will be changing anytime soon.

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