April, 2020 - I think I'm going to shut From My Bookshelf down for a while; maybe for good. I've been putting this together for quite a few years now and it's starting to feel a bit more of a chore. I'll keep my Goodreads connected, but with the state of the world right now, I just want to read without worrying about making sure I post something about it. Who knows - when the world starts to make some semblance of sense again, I may start actively posting here again. Until then, as always, happy reading!

Friday, January 9, 2015

What I'm listening to now #audiobook

EDIT 1-14-2015
So, I had to give up on this, not because the book is bad or because Bill Nye is a bad narrator (because the book is great and Bill Nye narrates his own book brilliantly), but because there are too many details, dates, explanations, people, etc. in the book for me to follow as an audio. I'll be picking up a physical copy of the book to read later, as I'm pretty sure I'll be able to retain quite a bit more of the information better that way.

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