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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Ice Bear by Jackie Morris

 photo 1847805485.01._SX175_SY250_SCLZZZZZZZ__zpsysy0ntes.jpgThe Ice Bear
by Jackie Morris
Published by Frances Lincoln Children's Books, July 29, 2014
40 Pages • ISBN 978-1847805485 • Hardcover

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Book description:
Back in a time when people and animals lived together in harmony, a bear-child is stolen away from his mother. A hunter and his wife find the child and, wrapping him in sealskin, they sing him songs of the ice, the wind and the great white bears. One day the child wanders off and a bear comes to take him back to his mother. But by now the hunter is on the trail, determined to kill the creature that has taken his child...

Set in the pristine polar regions of the Arctic, Jackie Morris's beautiful story reminds us that we are caretakers of these wild creatures and our actions directly affect their future.

A short but poignant story that reads more like an old folk tale (and for all I know, it could be based on one), The Ice Bear is gorgeously illustrated and beautifully told. A mother bear gives birth to twins, but a raven steals one away and gives it to a human family who are without children. When the child and his bear brother meet again, it is the choice of the child that will determine the course of all their lives. I really enjoyed this story and accompanying illustrations, and think this would be ideal for both children and adults alike.


HP Elitepad 1000 G2 Review said...

The story of the Ice Bear has a mystical element typical of the work of Jackie Morris, and the illustrations are especially beautiful and will delight both adults and children.

HP Elitepad 1000 G2 Review said...

WOW! What a great, well written story! Outstanding debut novel for Sarah Guillory. I can't wait to see what she comes out with next. RECLAIMED will pull you in and you won't be able to put it down until you're finished. I didn't want it to end! A must read for anyone looking for an excellent book.