April, 2020 - I think I'm going to shut From My Bookshelf down for a while; maybe for good. I've been putting this together for quite a few years now and it's starting to feel a bit more of a chore. I'll keep my Goodreads connected, but with the state of the world right now, I just want to read without worrying about making sure I post something about it. Who knows - when the world starts to make some semblance of sense again, I may start actively posting here again. Until then, as always, happy reading!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

the little c and reading


Turns out, the little c might actually be a medium C (still not to the BIG C yet, tho!), and there might be some more chemo in my future. If that's not frustrating enough on its own, the stress of not knowing what's going on has made reading very difficult for me right now. What should be a wonderful, fantastic escape for me has turned into a discouragement as all of my energy for the day is pretty much spent before I get a chance to get home and read. You wouldn't think reading should take any energy at all, but I sit down and fairly regularly just fall asleep, sometimes with a book open in my lap.

So, anyone waiting on reviews, please bear with me. They're coming. I'll get caught up. I just need to get to next Monday and find out more about what's going on with my body. I think once I have a plan of attack, things will begin to fall into place and I'll be able to get back to my regularly scheduled reading program.

In the meantime, for all of you out there, happy reading!

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