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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Dreaded Summons and Other Misplaced Bills by Lorin Morgan-Richards

The Dreaded Summons and Other Misplaced Bills
by Lorin Morgan-Richards
Published by A Raven Above Press • May 26, 2017
72 Pages • ISBN 978-0983002062 • Paperback

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Book description:
The Dreaded Summons and Other Misplaced Bills by Lorin Morgan-Richards investigates seven unfortunate accounts piled together to make you laugh. The collection opens with Tina Teatree who has a compulsion for weeding that soon digs up the root of her problem. The title story is The Dreaded Summons about an introvert and his friendship with a lost Manatee. Other stories reveal the Breakfast Hunter, J.J. Whitweather, Shirley Short, and Fig B. Willingsbee.

First off, an apology to Lorin Morgan-Richards for the delay of this review. He had asked me a while ago if I would like to review his book The Dreaded Summons and Other Misplaced Bills, and being a fan of his previous work, I happily agreed. And then life happened. And I put the book aside. And I'm sorry. It's not much of an excuse, but it is what it is. Now, on to this most delightful book.

The Dreaded Summons and Other Misplaced Bills is a collection of short stories that range from the funny, to the bizarre, to the down right odd, and usually each story is a little mix of all that. In these tales, you'll find cautionary tales about addiction to electronic devices and being too vain, dealing with depression, and learning to stand up for yourself.

This is one of the aspects of Lorin Morgan-Richards' writing that I really enjoy; hidden in these bizarre and odd stories are glimmers of heart and soul, and lessons learned. Morgan-Richards' accompanying illustrations fit the quirky feel of his stories perfectly. If you enjoy the weird and odd, or are a fan of Charles Addams or Tim Burton, I think this book would be perfect for you.

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