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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Wanted: Dead or Alive… But Not Stinkin' by Lorin Morgan-Richards

Wanted: Dead or Alive… But Not Stinkin'
by Lorin Morgan-Richards
Published by A Raven Above Press • August 11, 2017
64 Pages • ISBN 978-0997319354 • Paperback

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Book description:
Featuring 100 all new cartoons of the Noodle Rut and the Goodbye Family by Lorin Morgan-Richards! An indictment, Docket #9876543210, is outstanding, charging the Goodbye Family with violation of this book causing spontaneous laughter and disruption of civility. The bureau of comics have ordered their articles must be apprehended and cautioned excessive cackling might lead to back door trots.

Wanted: Dead or Alive… But Not Stinkin' is full of the goofy, oddball, and macabre cartoons that continue the adventures of the Goodbye Family. Much like the previous volume, Memento Mori, the single panel cartoons here are just as clever and the attention is still in the details here. If you enjoyed Memento Mori, you'll enjoy this volume just as much.

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