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Thursday, August 9, 2018

The Big Empty Life of Alphonse Tabouret by Sibylline Desmazières & Capucine, illustrated by Jérôme d'Aviau

The Big Empty Life of Alphonse Tabouret The Big Empty Life of Alphonse Tabouret by Sibylline Desmazières
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I've been very impressed with the range of graphic novels that Lion Forge has been putting out lately, and The Big Empty Life of Alphonse Tabouret is no different. Alphonse Tabouret is simply created one day in a forest, and his maker immediately tires of all of his questions and leaves him. Alphonse journeys thru the forest, searching for both answers to his questions and someone (or something) to fill his life with. There are numerous ways to interpret this story, but I feel it is an allegory that tells us that no matter what we think we need to fill our lives, if we're not happy with ourselves, we may never fill that void, and that sometimes it's OK if we never find a something to fill that void, and that it's also OK to just be by ourselves. I was under the impression that this was geared towards a younger audience, and while I think they would enjoy the story and cartoonish illustrations, it strikes me that this is actually more a story told for adults, disguised as a kid's graphic novel.

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