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Monday, January 9, 2023

Lost in the Moment and Found by Seanan McGuire

Book #10

Lost in the Moment and Found Lost in the Moment and Found by Seanan McGuire
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Lost in the Moment and Found, book 8 in @seananmcguire’s Wayward Children series from @tordotcompub, takes us back to a portal world, this time the Shop Where the Lost Things Go, and Antoinette’s story of how she discovered her world.

Running away from a life she didn’t ask for, Antsy (Antoinette) finds a Door, this one leading to the Shop Where the Lost Things Go, and being lost herself, she finds a home here and begins to help in the running of the Shop. What she isn’t told, however, is the cost that helping run the Shop will take on her, and she learns that even when adults aren’t actively, openly taking things from you, they can still be hurting you. This was a heavy book, tackling a lot of uncomfortable topics, and the first to come with a trigger warning. I appreciate McGuire’s choices in this book, and her delicate handling of topics that can be very indelicate and not easy to talk about.

However, this book fell just a little short for me from the others in the series. I think I’ve figured out why this and Across the Green Grass Fields didn’t quite work for me like the rest of the books: we’re being introduced to characters that we don’t necessarily have an emotional attachment to. AtGGF introduced us to Regan, an entirely brand new character, and here we’re given Antoinette’s story, a character who was only mentioned in passing in Where the Drowned Girls Go. Without any previous attachment to these characters, I have a hard time connecting with them and their world. Also, there was a lot of “telling” in this book, as there is a story within the story that takes of the Shop and how it came to be; I felt this could have been spread out a little in the overall shape of the story, instead of being more or less an expository drop towards the end of the book.

Even so, McGuire always delivers when it comes to her Wayward Children, and I’m hoping that since we have her story now, this means Antoinette will be playing a larger role in the overarching arc, since she grew into such an interesting character in this book.

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